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The Grid Church meets in The Dank Haus in Lincoln Square (4740 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60625) || Look for The Grid Church flags and signs.

11am | FREE street parking | 1 block north of the Western Brown Line.

Core Values

Jesus is our Message:

Our heart is that every person have a chance to respond to the message of hope found only in Jesus.  We preach the gospel every week and give people the chance every week to respond to the message of Jesus. 

People are our Heart:

No matter what walk of life you find yourself, you have a purpose and future found  only in Jesus. We are dedicated to reaching those far from God. 

Generosity is our calling: 

We’re called to be a generous church with our time, talents and our resources.  All we have was given by God; therefore, we give it back to God and allow him to use us. 

Preach the Word: It’s what we do

The Word of God is the only thing on this planet will last forever.  It’s the #1 best-selling book and yet the most misunderstood book. Our heart is for everyone that walks through our doors to hear and have the chance to respond to the living Word of God. 

Children are the Future

We are deeply committed to raising up the next generation of young people to be the future leaders God has called them to be. 

Servant Leadership: It’s how we serve

Our heart is that everyone find a place they can use their God-given talents and abilities for God.  We lead through serving.  If you can’t serve, you can’t lead. 

The Lost: God will get them

We won’t sin, but we’ll do anything else to see those who are far from God come into a personal relationship with Him. 

Excellence and Passion are our Pursuit

Everything we do is done with a spirit of excellence and passion: passion for Jesus, the Church, and people.