American Ninja Warrior Season 10

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CHECK OUT MY RUN FROM THE INDIANAPOLIS CITY QUALIFIER COURSE! And be sure to read the story of how God made this all happen below...

IT ALL's my submission video for american ninja warrior season 10!

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7 years ago I was overweight and out of shape; I couldn't even tie my shoes without getting out of breath. At the time (and still today), I was obsessed with American Ninja Warrior. One Monday night while watching ANW (and eating junk food!), I looked over at my wife and told her, "One day I'm going to compete on American Ninja Warrior!" She laughed at me for 7 minutes straight...AND THAT WAS ALL THE MOTIVATION I NEEDED. 

I bought a gym membership and changed my nutrition (which was hard!). I had to shift my mindset toward food as my fuel source rather than just something to stuff my face with. I started dropping weight like crazy and set my eyes on the ANW prize. I dropped a total of 85lbs. Once I dropped the initial weight, I transferred my training to a calisthenics regimen; I started training at parks, playgrounds with my kids and local Ninja gyms in the suburbs. After 5 years of training and getting in shape, I started competing in local ninja competitions held in gyms all across the country. 

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When my wife and I felt the call to launch Vive Church, I thought, "Heck! Why not make this my year and try out for ANW!"...So I my surprise I GOT THE CALL FROM THE SHOW! The producers took a genuine interest in my story: everything from my rough childhood growing up, to the fact that I'm a family man now, to my journey to fitness, to our family's story of launching a brand new church! 

We made the trip to Indianapolis for the filming of the Indy City Qualifier course! And guess what?...I QUALIFIED AND ADVANCED ON TO THE CITY FINALS! The CITY FINALS AIRS ON MONDAY AUGUST 6 ON NBC (be sure to tune in!). 

What has God taught me through this crazy, wild ride?...God wants to use the things we're passionate about to bring glory to Him! The passions in your life are God-placed, they're there for a reason! As a pastor, the #1 question I get asked is "What is God's will for my life?" My answer is always the same: What are you passionate about? Those passions are put there for a reason; find out what you're passionate about and chase it down!

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I'm still training like a mad man! All the filming for Season 10 is now complete, so we're in the off-season. I've added rock climbing to my training and I'm have my Fall/Winter Competitions all lined up. I'm gearing up now for SEASON 11!!!!!!!!!!! In the meantime, we're gearing up to THE GRID CHURCH on January 27.2019.